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[Max] I need help! / VR Render for Oculus Go
« on: 2020-01-04, 11:23:25 »
I see that there is VR rendering in Corona. That's amazing. I wonder if it is compatible with Oculus Go?

Are there any prerequisites to create Oculus Go compatible stereoscopic, panoramic renders? Resolution, codec, specific settings etc.


I'm working on a medical animation and trying to create the body material used in the above video. 
Some opacity with sort of Fresnel Falloff used in Self Illumination does the trick to some extent but backfaces whose front sides are looking at the camera are also visible. In the video, the effect is like the Hidden Line Viewport Shading mode. The lef at the back is not visible at all. What could be a simple approach to such material.

Thanks in advace.


[Max] I need help! / Help on Seeing the Interior of a Tube
« on: 2019-11-12, 16:15:59 »
I'm working on a medical animation. My particles are supposed to be moving through the small intestine (sort of a tube) and I need to see them from outside. A fully transparent material is not so appealing.

I need a material and/or map type, to keep the concave interior a solid material, but the sides looking at the camera transparent, just like the tube is sliced to half with the slice modifier in 3dsmax. Or some sort of top/bottom material would do the trick but I might be looking for something literally impossible since the tube is not uniform but moves in several direction.

The hemisphere (or hemi-cylinder:)  looking at the camera should be transparent. The other opaque. And the model has thickness.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Assigned Maps Not Updating
« on: 2019-08-02, 09:59:33 »
3DS Max has been extremely slow in viewport playback in versions around 2012 due to the updates of literally hundreds of parameters all around the UI. I've had experiences of not being able to complete an undo operation of deleting a single object within a group, as the program goes back and forth in a nightmare number of objects. Fortunately they have come up with a solution and the program seems to work much better since a few versions back and getting much better every upcoming version?? But at the expense of what? I guess many parameters are not updated anymore. Sorry for the gibberish talk; the problem I'm about to mention may be about 3ds Max's new UI update strategy, and may not be a Corona bug, but it really sucks:

I have added maps to the Environment Overrides slots. I have instanced them to a Material Editor slot. If I change any of them in the Material Editor, the names in the assigned slot do not change. As the bitmap name is also visible in the slot it causes serious misunderstanding from time to time. If I instance a 'modified-in-Material-Editor-but-not-updated-in-slot' override to another override slot (eg.from reflection to refraction) the new instance gets the correct name but the old one still remains the same incorrect map name.

 I'm pretty sure this assignment misrepresentation it is the same all around the software. This type of update issues disrupt your workflow and cause serious waste of time.

[Max] I need help! / Opaque Alpha for Refractive Material
« on: 2019-08-02, 09:40:41 »
I have a refractive glass material in my scene and naturally it has alpha with shades of grey. Is there an option to render the alpha of that certain glass material as (white) opaque. (If I remember the name correctly; like the Transparency Propagates Alpha Channel option in Mental Ray.)

[Max] I need help! / Pinning Active Shade Viewport
« on: 2019-07-17, 10:02:26 »
When you start Active Shade for a perspective viewport and try to move the objects in other viewports, like top or front, Active Shade window turns to the viewpoint of that viewport. That is not an efficient workflow.
I wonder if its possible to pin the Active Shade viewport to the view I want and have it stay that way even if I click and move the object in the top viewport.

I'm looking for the Environment/Background Switcher feature alternative in Corona. With E/B Switcher you could assign a different background image (or leave the background a solid color) while illuminating the scene with another environment image.

I have noticed a Corona RaySwitch material type in no time, assuming it would do the trick but couldn't figure out how it works. Direct visibility appears nowhere, Global Illumination is just as assigning the image to the Env. slot.

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