Author Topic: Corona crashes when I use corona scatter in 3Ds Max.  (Read 639 times)

2021-09-03, 20:01:26

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When I open interactive rendering for a scene that contains grass scattering or a moderately heavy scene, corona and 3ds max crash.

When I track my PC Performance it comes up that RAM is being used 99%.

My PC specs:

Ryzen 7 3700X, 32GB RAM 3200MHz,
RTX 2060 6GB

If I choose to upgrade RAM to 128 GB ram, will that be enough for me to have a smooth workflow of 3Ds Max+ Corona? Are the CPU and GPU good?

2021-09-08, 12:34:39
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Can you please fill in this general survey form needed to troubleshoot your issue.


Please also send us your scene for closer inspection of the problem. You can use our private uploader to send your scenes.


Let me know once you have submitted the form & sent your scene for a closer inspection.

Looking forward to it.

Arpit Pandey |
Chaos Corona Support Representative | contact us