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CGI job - Olive oil bottle


I am looking for a CGI artist with a record in rendering of fmcg / glass, liquids, best in motion for a job of rendering an olive oil bottle for a new brand of ultra refined olive oil.

You will receive a model of the bottle and label and your task will be to apply textures from an agency onto the bottle, adjust the label according to instructions, provide quick wip renders and later provide high res final renders of the bottle, several renders will include options with golden flakes inside the oil.

The final versions requested for still renders will be: bottle with white label (with and without golden flakes) and bottle with black label (with and without golden flakes) and a short video presenting the product in motion and in high visual quality.

Project fees will be based on your estimates. It is necessary to see good examples from your portfolio of similar work done previously. Modelling wise - it is a very simple job as only several adjustments will have to be made to the label (cutting, boolean... ), but the visual quality of the final renders is paramount. Knowledge of english is necessary, you will be talking directly with the Greek clients.


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