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Cian Mac:

I run a small studio called Lightroom 3D which mainly focuses on Machine and Product rendering / animation.
I also have another business called CMG Designs which mainly focuses on Arch Viz.

I've been realy busy with the machine stuff the past few years so I haven't had much time for architecture.

I'd like to get into this area again but to do so I will need to outsourse the majority of work.

Most of the work will be external renders and some 3d floor plans.
You must also beable to create photomontages for planning. (I can provide the photos along with additional data needed to produce the shots.

Ideally I'm looking for a C4D arist but it's not the end of the world if you use Max.
I'm based in Ireland so you need to be based in or near Europe.


Hi Cian, sent you a PM

hello, i sent you PM massage.
This is my short portfolio:

Hi! You are doing great projects. I am an architect who creates photo-realistic visualizations, animations, and architectural concepts that bring projects to life. I have collaborated with clients from various industries, from residential to commercial developments.
And, I would like to help your studio as a remote 3D Artist.
My portfolio:

Best regards, Oleksandr
Architect, MandS-Arch co-founder


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