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Request: Scatter Library similar to Forestpack's Library browser


One thing that's stopping our studio from switching over to using Corona Scatter entirely is the lack of a Library browser feature.

FP has this amazing library browser that allows users to create their own libraries, or import pre-made professional libraries from Maxtree and others.

Forest Pack has become noticeably slow when entering Modify mode, and i'm getting a little tired of waiting 15 seconds every time I want to edit the scatter.

Corona Scatter finally has the Edge masking feature so I think it's basically ready for us to adopt - we're just held back by the lack of a Library brower which is no small feature I know - creating that will be easier said than done and I appreciate the consideration!


Hi, could you please specify in what exact features of a "browser" you are interested?

Chaos Scatter has:
- The ability to load presets from Cosmos - it's explained here -
- The ability to to save and load configuration files through maxscript - currently this is not very convenient so we may improve this in the future -

If anyone is interested in easy preset saving and loading in the Scatter UI, please let us know. :)


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