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CSscatter spline follow issues


Im not sure if this is bug or intended so I post here.

Brownish chain:
1. Create line
2. Edit Spline > Move Vertex Up

Green Chain:
1. Create line
2. Rotate whole object outside "edit spline"

They both create different results. Makes creating chains/fences difficult.

I can confirm that when creating objects like this (e.g. chains) the scatter is sometimes not very intuitive to use.

If you create any type of spline in the top view, even curvy one, and then scatter the links on it - everything should be ok. You can then even move the spline points around, and the scattered objects will adjust according to that.
If you create a spline in the top view, which is straight and consists of only two points (beginning and end) and then move one of the eds up or down, the scattered objects will stop following the direction of the spline (or rather will follow it, but in wrong direction, depending on how you rotate the pivot of the spline). An example of this is what Tanakov attached.

A solution here would be adding a "follow" option that would make the scattered objects always respect the direction in which the spline leads. Similar to the "follow" option in the Spacing Tool (Shif t+ i).


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