Author Topic: Skin mtl: no information in diffuse/translucency/reflect source colour AOVs?  (Read 1031 times)

2017-09-24, 07:12:20


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When using the skin material, in all of the source colour AOV's, the only information I see is a faint fresnel effect in refract, is that right? There is nothing in the diffuse, translucency and reflect source colour AOV's, which doesn't seem right to me, as in the 'CESSENTIAL_Translucency' AOV, I see plenty of colour information.

2017-09-27, 16:01:52
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If you set the sss amount for the skin material to 1, most of the material will be governed by the subsurface scattering. The subsurface scattering is a result of volumetric scattering inside the material and does not really fall in neither of these categories: reflect, refract, diffuse, translucency.
For some of the elements (like 'CESSENTIAL_Translucency), the subsurface is however treated as translucency (the reason for this is rather technical).
Anyway this is quite inconsistent behavior and we will discuss in our team, how to deal with this.
Thank you for pointing this out.