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2017-07-29, 20:44:35


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Guys can i use DR for Animations cos every time i try, this happens, so do i have to do through BB?


2017-07-29, 21:01:29
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Doing a test through BB  .. so i guess i will answer my own question  ..

2017-07-29, 21:25:46
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yeah so Dr doesn't do UHD on animations? odd?

2017-07-31, 11:35:28
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Hi, the uhd file should be transferred like any other asset, if it's not, then it's a bug indeed.
Does it work fine if you make sure that the nodes have access to it, for example by placing it on a network drive?
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2017-07-31, 11:56:38
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Regardless of any bug which may hide here (and probably has the origin in the double extention ".hdc.uhd" for the cache file):

It makes no sense (only for rare and special cases) to use DR for animation. You already have setup BB, that´s the way to go here.

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