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2017-07-07, 16:48:35


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Hey guys!

I really love the new zooming in&out feature of the 1.6 but I have a lot of trouble with it lately. When I use 2D Panning Zoom in the viewport and then zoom to a specific area meanwhile in the render window as it's suppose to be in a workflow ( I guess) the interactive rendering stops working after a while as long as I use the region cropping or restarting max. Even the "normal" render doesn't gives me a picture until I drop a region on it after this problem shows up in IR. Hope this makes sense

Thanks for the answers

2017-07-13, 16:56:33
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It could mean that you somehow end up with a region which is outside of the VFB.
The solution would be to click-and-hold over the region button and select "remove all" to make sure no regions are present.
If that's the case, then it's already reported on mantis:
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2017-07-20, 12:33:26
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I've run into black screens that only render if you draw a region, it is because there are regions floating outside of the VFB. clearing as Maru suggested fixed it for me.