Author Topic: Bug in the CShading_Component and Glass (with MAX file)  (Read 3204 times)

2016-07-27, 21:43:35


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Maybe I'm wrong, but, there are some problem in the CShading_RawComponent, CShading_CourceColor  and transparent shader.
From what I know:

CESSENTIAL = RawComponent * CShading_SourceColor


(*) CESSENTIAL_Relfection  = RawComponent_Reflection  *  CShading_SourceColor_Reflection
(*) CESSENTIAL_Refraction = RawComponent_Refraction  *  CShading_SourceColor_Refraction
(*) CESSENTIAL_Transflucency = RawComponent_Transflucency  *  CShading_SourceColor_Transflucency

(*) CESSENTIAL_Direct+CESSENTIAL_Indirect = RawComponent_Diffuse  *  CShading_SourceColor_Diffuse

Look at this scene and the Render elements:

(*) No Exposure and no Contrast.
(*) Glass is simple plane with "Thin" option ON .
(*) alpha mode: default.
(*) Visible in masks: on.

Ok, this is the CESSENTIAL. Everithing is ok!
If I add all these RE, I will obtain the BEAUTY pass.

Now, it's the time for the CShading_RawComponent Look at ... where is the tree in the DIFFUSE and TRANSLUCENCY pass?  O_O 

Ok, try to disable Visible in masks for the window glass.
Mmm... now I can see the tree in the DIFFUSE and TRANSLUCENCY pass, but I have lost the window reflections...

And, another problem. There are some small differences in these composed Render elements.
I think they they must to be exactly the same. There are some AA problem, in the shiny parts...

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2016-10-25, 23:00:43
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jokes on you - I am actually usually fixing bugs by going from the oldest report to the newest - when you bump the thread, you are actually pushing it further away from fixing :D
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2016-10-25, 23:37:13
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  • Let's move this topic, shall we?
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I can delete recent posts, so topic would drop to where it was... but it would cost you dearly :]
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2017-07-20, 18:28:22
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It seems it isn't yet solved. Or am I wrong? =)
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