Author Topic: frontal mapping not updating in cam movement in IR v6/7  (Read 778 times)

2021-07-21, 19:46:39


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this is one IR bug i want to report which was also in v6 ,but is still in v7:

if i have a frontal mapping on an object, like a skybitmap image BG on a big sphere, the frontal mapping doesnt update its"frontal"position when i move the camera.
it "sticks" to the old location like a sticker on the object.

obviously it would be needed to stay frontal projected, hope this is fixable for final v7 ?

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2021-07-22, 11:33:11
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I have logged it internally at (Internal ID=727314094)
As for v7, we will see if it makes it in, there is still quite a few higher priority tasks that need finishing.

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