Author Topic: Crash: Enhanced OpenGL preview of Corona materials  (Read 1122 times)

2021-05-28, 15:39:59


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Upon rendering using Hardware OpenGL, C4D crashes. Seems to be if the material's "Viewport preview size" is set to 1024 and above. Settings attached as images. Here is my version info:

Full-speed non-debug version
Build timestamp: Apr 27 2021 01:15:22
Version: 6 hotfix 2
Cinema version: R21.207 Cinema 4D (single-license)
OS: Windows 10

I should also mention that none of the Viewport preview size settings (that don't cause crash) seem to make a difference during render time.
*EDIT: When rendering animation, only the first frame is low-resolution, while remaining frames are fine.
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2021-05-31, 09:51:06
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Thanks for reporting, I confirm this issue. We'll look into it.

(Internal ID=698300679)

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