Author Topic: Is there a way to measure the correct light ?  (Read 1445 times)

2021-02-02, 00:20:11


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We all know there is the right photometer in studios and cameras
So it remains only for the photographer to produce the creative photo and with one click he can figure out the appropriate light
He has no suffering

We also know that the biggest problem any designer faces is light - exposures
There is no image without light
Good light = good picture
Also, vision varies from person to person. I may be color blind and possibly have low vision, but I like the design and don't know the correct measurements of light in a scene, be it natural or artificial light.

I have researched a lot into this and I suggest Corona Development Group find a solution that works for us on this.
Light is a primary process in scene and image, not secondary. We don't want it to be random and close person to person
In addition to ignorance of the correct exposures in a scene, there are several things that govern a designer's eye health

There should be a photometer and exposure in the corona
And certainly it will be based on scientific foundations

2021-02-07, 21:02:59
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IMO there is no need for that, all you need to know is that you should use proper value in lumens for the artificial lights (there is plenty of data online about this), the sun/sky is already calibrated by default and you can use that as a reference for calibrating HDR.
Once your lights are calibrated you will need to tune the exposure of your camera and this is really a simple process, start a render, adjust the exposure inside the VFB until it looks correct, then transfer the exposure on your camera setup, done.
Most render engine are actually quite precise about lights physical values so you just need to stitch to real world data and you will be fine ;)