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2020-10-10, 21:53:16


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Hi all,

I have about 100 light mix passes and i would like to save the output... i have to do it one by one or there is a way to select all of them and in one click select the output path?

2020-10-12, 13:58:56
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What is it you are looking to do in post?

- You do mean Render Elements, not passes?
- You do mean LightSelect render elements (as multiple LightMix passes won't do anything at the moment)
- Save All from the VFB will save all render elements separately, including LightSelects (but also any other render element too), to whatever file format you pick
- Saving to CXR will give you a file you can edit in the Corona Image Editor, and that CXR will contain all the LightSelect passes