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[Max] General Discussion / Re: Tonemapping - Plz Halp
« Last post by piotrus3333 on Yesterday at 22:20:11 »
Great comparison. Would be nice to see it also with Filmic from latest Vray 5 VFB2.

you can emulate VRay's Filmic Hable defaults with this:
Highlight compress = 999 and lut:
[Max] General Discussion / Re: CoronaPhysicalMtl to CoronaMtl converter
« Last post by maru on Yesterday at 19:46:15 »
There is no forward compatibility in Corona at all, so you should never create assets in a newer version and open them with an older version. This is never going to work, because the old version would need to know in advance what features will existing the newer version.
General CG Discussion / Re: CG Talks podcast season 3 has just started!
« Last post by Stan_GF on Yesterday at 17:45:00 »
Hey guys!
Andrew here from GarageFarm.NET Academy

I’m sharing a handful of new episodes of our GarageFarm.NET Academy podcast – CG Talks.

CG talks S03E05: Your favourite part of the 3D workflow is...?

In this episode of CG Talks DJ and Marco discuss the stuff they enjoy most in the whole 3d workflow. While everyone seems to hate UV unwrapping, it is not that obvious what actually is the most fun and satisfying thing to do in the vast 3d graphics world.
Modeling, sculpting, scene layout or lighting, or just obsessively tweaking the render settings parameters - it is all up to one's tastes and preferences.

CG talks S03E06: Old and new generations in the 3d industry

In this special episode, DJ introduces Amiel - our young and talented content creator, who does Substance Suite-related tutorials for Garagefarm.NET Academy. With Marco and Andrew taking a short break (no worries they’ll be back soon) we dive into the personal experiences of older and younger generations in the CG industry.

How was it back then when books were still a viable option for learning 3d?
Are the times easier for young artists nowadays? Can plenty be a curse? Was PBR shading always a standard, and how to adopt the new when you are used to old ways of working? Are technical constraints good for creatives or is it better when things happen at a click of a mouse?

CG talks S03E07: Unreal Engine 5 Early Access

In this episode, DJ, Andrew, and Amiel talk about Unreal Engine 5, what it means for the industry, and answer one of the biggest questions for 3D artists: Is Unreal Engine 5's real-time ray tracing going to replace traditional renderers?

If you have suggestions about a topic you would like to hear about, or a particular guests you find interesting, let us know in the comments. We will try to put together episodes based on your requests.

Have fun listening!

« Last post by o.peiro on Yesterday at 17:10:54 »
Hello everyone
  This is my personal project.
I'm glad to know your opinion about my work
[Max] I need help! / Re: Color correction techniques
« Last post by romullus on Yesterday at 17:02:56 »
Sorry, i have no idea. You'd better ask this someone from the team. On the other hand Corona  is still producing nice tutorials, just not that often how it used to be.
[Max] I need help! / Re: Color correction techniques
« Last post by lupaz on Yesterday at 16:37:30 »

What happened to the guy doing these tutorials? Do you know?
He was great to show solutions like this one.
corona converter is not working properly.vray materials do not convert.
scene attached!   especially Vray2sidedmtl
[Max] I need help! / Re: Color correction techniques
« Last post by lupaz on Yesterday at 16:13:45 »
This is so cool.
I had no idea about it.
[Max] I need help! / Re: Color correction techniques
« Last post by lupaz on Yesterday at 16:04:42 »
But for now the best I can offer is to ensure you're using "using these settings" option in the CoronaColorCorrection node... so you only correct once and plug all the translucencies and diffuse textures into their own linked ColorCorrection node... I hope this makes sense?

I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying that the nodes can be linked or instanced in a way that if you change something in one colorcorrect it changes in the others?

An option to use master Corona colour correct node to modify multiple CCC nodes at once has been introduced long time ago

Where is this master color correct node?
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