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[Archive] Alpha Builds / alpha6
« on: 2015-08-25, 00:28:46 »
Good day
I`m trying to install corona alpha6, but it write that
so it`s not working. Have you any ideas what to do?

Thanks, Alex

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Displacement
« on: 2015-08-16, 21:07:28 »
I have stone wall, and try to use displacement, so then i starting the render it`s hanging at step of calculating displacement, and it`s even no chanse to stop the render. 2-3min i`m waiting and than simply swith off the 3ds max scene from apps dialog.

What it could be? Is corona displace map can hardly works with large areas?

is not working. can you help with installing corona
the message DLL failed to initialize.  Error code 1073741795

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