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[C4D] I need help! / Re: Texture Issues When Rendering
« on: 2021-08-10, 14:10:23 »
Hi Cinemike,
Are you sayin’ you can now render in color? This is great news.
I followed you advice and poured ink over my gpu, but my renders are still b/w.
What’s going on? I realized corona is using the cpu. Do I need a color cpu? Can you help me? This is not worth my time! I’m throwing my old PC in the garbage and get a new one that can render colors. Thanks.

Is this issue fixed in S24?

Thanks Michael,
made a quick test and this looks promising.
My main reason to use the c-multi shader was the “mesh element” mode for leaves etc.
Just wondering if you know a similar setup for the variation shader?
I used it with “polygon step” which only works if all leaves have the exact same poly count.

Anyways, thanks so much for your tip, for a better tile setup!

Hi Michael,
thanks for your response.
I’m usually loading 9 -12 floorboard or tile textures plus corresponding normal and gloss maps into a material. Would that be possible with the variation shader?
I could use the c4d multi shader that does not suffer from this issue but is limited to mograph objects. I like that the corona multi shader works (randomizing) on all kinds of objects. That makes it so great for foliage.

Still interested to hear from the developers if the changing pattern is a feature or a bug.

Hi all,
Is there any way to keep the C multi shader from changing it’s random distribution when the hierarchy in the object manager changes? Every time you add an object on top in the object manager the multi shader changes.
While that doesn’t matter on tree leaves etc, I use the C multi shader a lot for floors and tiles and in these cases the changing pattern is a real problem.
Is this behavior a feature or a bug?
So far the only thing I could figure out is to move all objects below the objects with multi shader materials, but in large scenes with many multi shaders that quickly becomes a scene organizing nightmare.
I made a small test scene (attached) to check if v7 fixed this. Nope.
If someone wants to try, just drop in cubes to see what happens.

Any ideas how to “bake” the distribution pattern?

Sorry for the late response... deadlines.
I got the ies to render by turning off "render instance" in the instance object.
Didn't make that clear that I'm using "RENDER instances".

No multi-instance for me, still on R18.

Thanks all.

MacOS / R18/ Version: 7.0 daily Dec 31 2020
Are instanced ies lights supported in corona?
The ies (or a regular corona light) renders in the reference object but not in the instances.
How do you set this up to work correctly?

Hi mitchino,
how do you open the VFB in the first place?
I render mostly 6K stills, and my default frame buffer is set to C4D picture viewer. If I need the VFB window while rendering I open it from the picture viewer corona tab. Opens in a small window on a 1920x1200 monitor.  My max res in IR settings is 0.
What happens when you double-click on the VFB titlebar? Should resize the window to full screen.
I agree, the VFB is clunky with outdated UI. While you can zoom with scroll wheel/ command, I can’t find a shortcut key to freely pan around the image.

@ Tom,
Is the separate VFB really necessary or can the additional functionality be folded into the PV corona tab? I only need the stats and the region render from the vfb. Not sure if the vfb only exist for consistency with max.

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: V7 support in macOS 10.13.
« on: 2021-04-30, 19:37:55 »
Hi Beanz,
the main reason to stick with macOS 10.13 is that Nvidia stopped offering gpu drivers for Mac 10.14 and newer. If you need CUDA for whatever reason, Nvidia is your only choice.
Even when considering using a different machine for C4D/ corona, buying a 3 year old AMD gpu for around $900 ($250 originally) in this current crypto craze is just ridiculous. 
Up until M1 Macs, recent yearly os updates where largely cosmetic (“fun” new emoticons, etc.) and designed to sell more products.

The reality for me, if I want to run corona V7, I would need to buy new hardware and also upgrade c4d.
I’m still on R18 and don’t really have a reason to upgrade. It runs very stable and offers all the features that I need.
So, it’s very expensive to switch to corona V7 because of dropped 10.13. support.

Sorry for rambling, have a great weekend.

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: V7 support in macOS 10.13.
« on: 2021-04-24, 17:28:19 »
I recently made the scary switch to PC last year and wish I had done this 15 years ago!
Hi John
thanks for your input, and I get your point, but I promise you if you had made that switch 15 years ago, you would have not lasted a week on PC’s. I made the switch to Mac in 2006 and was blown away that a computer can actually run without crashing every couple of days.
When the MacPro died in a trashcan I started hackintosh-ing and besides that silly Apple - Nvidia war, this worked out really well for me, Mac stability and PC’s raw CPU power.
Glad to hear the switch worked out for you and I might consider it if I feel it could really benefit my work, but we might all be on apple silicon once it can handle the workload...

Don’t forget, YOU are the brighter side of life, your PC is just a tool ;-)

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: V7 support in macOS 10.13.
« on: 2021-04-23, 22:16:20 »
I'm actually surprised that not more mac users ask for 10.13 support because they need nvidia cards and switching to 10.14 and newer is not an option.

I understand it's probably just easiest to tie corona to Apple's OS support cycle, but if at all possible, maybe a "experimental 10.13 version" without any tech support etc... a "use at your own risk" version, no dailies, just V7 when released...
Already sounds unrealistic as I'm typing this, but a man can dream... dammit!

Haha, European torture cinema… right on!

Hi Elias2019,
I was wondering about the timing of your animation. Is there a reason it needs to be 30s long?
It sound like you have a very simple camera move, fly through an office, around a desk…
30s is a eternity for one continuous shot.

I don’t know anything about your setup, but often I find arch-viz animations too slow, as if the creator wants to give the viewer time to admire their hard work… good luck!
Think about this, commercials tell an entire story in 30 seconds. Is your story so complex that it needs 30s to be told and understood? Don’t get me wrong, I love slow motion, but there needs to be a rhythm, a story that develops.
Try to see this animation through the eyes of someone with no emotional attachment to the work. Crawling through an office towards a desk… 5s in - Ok, I get it, now what?
Less is definitely more.

Judging from your frame crop, you nailed the details. If you need to fill 30s, render a 10-12s fly through and maybe intercut with AE dolly shots of stills. That’ll cut your render time down and probably makes the work more interesting.
If that’s not an option, you could still make the animation faster and slow it down in AE to get back to 30s.
If things don’t drastically change between frames, a AE plugin like Twixtor does a pretty good job creating in-between frames to slow down the animation. Saves a lot of render time.
Good luck!

[C4D] Daily Builds / V7 support in macOS 10.13.
« on: 2021-02-27, 15:58:38 »
Is there any way V7 dailies and/or the upcoming release can be supported in macOs 1013.?
When you started V7 dailies last year it said, quote: “From now on, Corona will require macOS version 10.13 or newer”.
Well, it “successfully” installs in 10.13, but corona in c4d missing and opening CIE gives me “You can’t use this version of the application “Corona Image” with this version of macOS.”
V7 12/31 is the last daily that worked.

How do you get to the 4:45min per frame? Did you set a pass, time or noise limit?
When you say “team render slower than single render” this is regarding a single frame test render and not the entire animation, correct?
When you render a single frame your 2 Macs render the single frame together. Due to overhead, etc. this could take longer than single machine render…
For animations, your 500 frames will get split in half. Frames 0-249 gets rendered by your 10 core machine, 250-500 by your 4 core Mac.
Setting a time limit p. frame for an animation with 2 very different CPU’s would be “dangerous”
since your 4-core Mac would need more than double the time to reach the same image quality as your 10 core Mac.
In your case, probably best to figure out the amount of passes needed for the desired image quality. In any case, the 4-core Mac will be a lot slower to reach these # of passes, but once the 10 core finishes the 250 frames, it will half the remaining frames from the 4 core and start rendering those. You will definitely save some time “team-rendering” the animation.
Also, not sure if you tried to setup “load UHD from file” (maybe not since you have an outdoor scene), but if so, most likely only your fast Mac can find that file and the slower Mac needs to calculate the UHD from scratch (for every frame) making matters worse. You can confirm if the UHD file gets loaded in the TR console.   

@Corona team:
Any news if we will get “relative path support” for the UHD cache?

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