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Where is the material library located ? I dont find it

[C4D] Bug Reporting / V7 RC5 Material Library doesnt work
« on: 2021-07-29, 07:46:37 »
It says reinstall corona, but it doesnt work.  Printscreens attached.

Can you fix the full black appearence of glass and metal materials in viewport ? Its an extremely annoying problem, mostly when theres more materials assigned to one object, so you cannot even use the object color mode+xray...
It would be fantastic, thx Lev

Dear Devs,

In the Documentation you said dont set the wall to brighter than 75-80% grey. But now, in the coro material library (daily) you set up plaster white smooth as 90,829%. Can you explain this please, i dont understand how its correctly used.

Thanks, Lev

[C4D] Feature Requests / Re: Corona Scatter for Cinema 4D
« on: 2021-03-11, 05:46:22 »
Is there any progress on stable Multi-instancing  possibility in interactive rendering ?

[C4D] Feature Requests / Particle Support
« on: 2021-03-11, 05:43:37 »
May we expect X-particles / thinking particles support ? Would be great. Thanks, Lev

Dear Devs, i found out if i load a c4d "layer node" in between like on the image attached it doesnt produce the crash while adjusting parameters of the materials. Still, i have no idea whats the problem with my config as no one else reported this problem only 1-2 mac users.

thanks: Lev

CORONA BITMAP SHADER doesnt work - doesnt read texture from lib4d file, and the bitmap shader doesnt care about the c4d project asset inspector when i want to change the texture path. Ive made a ton of assets and saved into the content browser now they are virtually useless :((

thanks if u can help: lev

+1 ! It would be a huge timesaver

Can you please solve metallic and refractive materials  to normally appear in viewport because this deepblack is super bad :|
Thanks in advance : Lev

As you advised before i do not touch the normal slot when adjusting a material while VFB running but, if i modify diffuse or everything else its just crashes.... C4D R21 bug has been reported  before.
Can u fix this issue please ? Its makes ppl nervous when adjusting pbr mats. :D

Thanks: Levi

Its a bit hard to wait weeks or months for a fix, you could release more fixes, not only dailybuilds but in the stable mainline. Thx, Lev

Can i do anything to make it work until the fix arrives ?

Hello levinho,

sorry that you're having issues, however, overriding material in the content browser works for me correctly in IR, no freeze/crash.
We're aware of the issue with the normal map, unfortunately, it didn't quite fit into the hotfix.

Does the material override issue happen in any scene or one in particular? If in any, would it be possible to create a short video displaying your steps to reproduce it? If in one in particular, would it be possible to send the scene (or its minimal form) over to us? This would help greatly with investigation.


Hi !

and the link again:

This is where i reported this problem previously, scene already attached. The problem is, coro vfb crashing when changing normal map, but its still there in hotfix one, and the 10.23 daily build as well. So i simply cannot use normal maps recently...

Thanks: Lev

When i override a material from content browser VFB starts "Parsing Scene" and whole c4d hangs...  I realized when i first load my saved  material from content browser and let Coro the render the preview out this problem doesnt occur.

And when i adjust a material that has normal map, VFB still crashing the whole c4d... This error has been reported a few weeks ago.

Cinema 4D R21
Corona 6 Hotfix 1

thanks, Lev

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