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Are you by any chance planning to implement a feature that would let one to save a given combination of color maping and exposure he used for the particular still ? Or save an image in raw native corona format to come back to it like vray does ?

Many see clear benefits of omitting the photographic exposure on camera and work with above said, biggest of which is the flexibility.
It would be super usefull in certain situations:

-many cameras used - you can forget what values you used and have a hard time trying to recreate previous image

-you want to explore the image later on - without losing all the raw image data that would have been otherwise lost while sawing the image to any other than raw format

-client sends you remarks for multiple cameras and you face a situation like above mentioned

If such a feature exists and somehow i failed to see it I'd be gratefull if someone gave me some directions. If not are there plans/chances to get such thing implemented ?


Off-Topic / To share or not to share...
« on: 2014-10-16, 00:22:10 »
very amazing work..btw which HDRI you used with these images, is it peter Guthrie's. also did you increase contrast value greather than 1 in corona renderer under Exposure and color mapping tab.

How did you achieve such amazing contrast..can you show any raw render to us?


Out of curiosity - have you developed some sort of automated forum script to ask this question in every topic ?

Edited name of topic - romullus

[Max] I need help! / Simulating Vrayblend mtl
« on: 2014-05-16, 10:58:03 »
was just wondering what is the best solution to date to simulate Vrayblend mtl ?
Will stacking classic blend materials produce the exact same results ?
Any hints when generic Corona layered material will be available ;) ?

[Archive] Alpha Builds / Alpha 6 news ?
« on: 2014-03-13, 10:21:46 »
Any news on A6 ? I think you guys (devs) could try keeping the eagerly awaiting comunity updated more frequently ;)
Not everyone has the time to invest in too much testing to get to the dailies (i still dont get it why they are some sort of exclusive ? make usage of them on the own responsibility of the user etc. and you will get more intell on possible bugs - imho you can only benefit from it, not vice versa) .
On the other hand this renderer is so promissing that many would want to switch, and start rebuilding their props and assets, and work out their own workflows.
However - my own exaple - if it would turn out that the rendering speed in distributed mode is no sufficient to match the needs, it would be a waste of time for the time being untill corona gets faster :)
Cmon guys, we're facing serious decisions here, try to undestand and support your future customers :D !

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