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Yea, "presets" is the magic word here that I missed in the first place making my posts a bit confusing.

I was thinking of the latter, but on a second thought both would be as equally good. Thank you Juraj for helping me to verbalize this as it should be ;)

So any chance of implementing any of those mentioned earlier ?

The advantage would be not to go outside of the main application having to save multiple exr's while still being able to quickly roughly preview general postpro of the set you are working on as a whole by quickly switching many images in the frame buffer and therefore save time on saving/loading images.

You can then for example judge whether changes require working on the lighting because let's say one of the rooms needs more illumination to fit the rest or is it just a matter of simple curves to be added later on etc.

For you it might be more practical, but this is very subjective whether one prefers to do it inside main app or outside and how much postpro he uses.

If you tend to use a lot of PS of course it is more logical to do it there (outside), but if someone treats the final render almost as a final image and pushes most of the things in the main app then I think this workflow is still valid :)

It would simply be nice to have an option like that - I think.

Native Corona format was just a general idea to save the image in a way it could be opened again in the frame buffer, wasn't exactly aware Corona already works like this so I think this part can be skipped.

Are you by any chance planning to implement a feature that would let one to save a given combination of color maping and exposure he used for the particular still ? Or save an image in raw native corona format to come back to it like vray does ?

Many see clear benefits of omitting the photographic exposure on camera and work with above said, biggest of which is the flexibility.
It would be super usefull in certain situations:

-many cameras used - you can forget what values you used and have a hard time trying to recreate previous image

-you want to explore the image later on - without losing all the raw image data that would have been otherwise lost while sawing the image to any other than raw format

-client sends you remarks for multiple cameras and you face a situation like above mentioned

If such a feature exists and somehow i failed to see it I'd be gratefull if someone gave me some directions. If not are there plans/chances to get such thing implemented ?


Off-Topic / Re: Re: WHITE HOUSE
« on: 2014-10-16, 22:24:55 »
@ Juraj, silly me, thank you :D

@ Coronaut - wait a sec dude, steady your horses ( and I beg you, please use all those diacritics like "." "," :D I managed to get throug your post but it is hard :D) cuz all of a sudden I am under an impression that this conversation is about is LV a d*** or not.

I apologized for being rude I admitted it,  adn I am working on it, and still think my point was absolutely valid - about asking too indepth questions.

And to clarify (not sure if you said i called someone something - it is hard to read your last post so if I am mistaken and you were speaking in generall then sorry) I havent called anyone stupid etc.

Just in case if you or someone else havent noticed I gently suggested to the guy that his questions are a bit too over the border by asking if he developed an automated script for them.

But all of a sudden the guy in very polite yet still obscurous way asks me why I even registered to this forum, generally telling me to gtfo from this forum - that provoked my reaction.

Please dont sidetrack this discussion to debating wether I'm a d*** like you say or not :D ( I know it got dramaticaly sidetracked from the images and for that I am super sorry, but as Coronaut said, those things just happen).

Check this topic for example,5450.0.html - after making sure what was the purpose of the model (game/ archvis) and making sure the autor is not trolling (you never know) and really wants to push his skills I gave him directions with a link to great tutoriall to get him started on general topics.

But hey! He didnt asked "what values i need to type in which plaes to get xx effect", he wanted to learn and understand things.

Off-Topic / Re: Re: WHITE HOUSE
« on: 2014-10-16, 21:53:00 »

This !

I have to admit that I didnt quite catch what you ment Juraj :D

Off-Topic / Re: Re: WHITE HOUSE
« on: 2014-10-16, 21:44:03 »
I have to admit i too get very tired of people asking too specific questions. I don't mind when someone asks something like "How do you achieve so good looking metal materials", but i often get questions like "give metal settings plz". That just implies these people do not intend to understand any context of what they are doing. They just want to copy the exact data sequence without any comprehension of what the hell it is they are doing. And use that same sequence until someone tells them better one.

I remember someone asking me about how to make some simple leather material, and i gave him exhaustingly long explanation of how material parameters work, what each of them does, how one should go about using them to create various types of materials, even some rules of thumb on how to use Fresnel IOR and so on. I think it was almost 2 A4 pages of text. And then the person just sent me the picture of leather chair asking "how to make this leather" and then sending more pictures of various concretes, glass materials, metals, and so on, without any signs of even reading the long essay i wrote him. It was completely wasted time, ever since that, i try to avoid answering people who ask too specific question, because it's usually very good indication that they do not understand the context of what they do, and they probably don't even want to.

Like seriously... if you know just basic principals of image based lighting and image dynamic range, which is not that hard to understand, and average untalented person can still learn in within one day of reading, then you easily know what kind of HDRI map should you search for, when you need to achieve certain lighting setting, and you easily know, how to evaluate assets available on internet and pick the right one.

That HDRI map will not automagically make your rendering looking exactly like rendering of the person you asked for it. There's lot more to that. Mostly it's just hundreds of little workflow details that add up together to create great looking output. And those little details are impossible to implement unless you know the context you are doing. So if some asks me too specific thing, then I usually get impression answering would be just waste of my time, because it would not help the person anyway, as they do not show any intention of trying to understand the context.

Same goes for materials. Particular sequence of settings is not what makes good looking materials. It's knowing the material itself... all the parameters, and all the available maps, and how all these things work in context, what allows you to create great looking materials. Because once you know the context, then you can get truly creative with it, while still not losing grips of knowing what you are doing, and knowing how to get to the exact result you need without getting stuck anywhere.

So to wrap it up... for me, ultimately, it's when the question i get shows some actual amount of interest in the topic, i get a feeling that my answer will actually be worth the time and will help the person who asked it. And these kinds of questions are usually easy to identify based on how specific they are.

Perfectly said! And I believe it all comes to this metaphore I introduced - when you at least try to learn fishing and get a fishing pole, in time you you will become a great fisherman able to fish anywhere and in all kinds of conditions.
If you keep asking for the fish - well there is a certain term for those kind of people, but you'd call me rude again (I'm working on it ! Thanks Juraj for pointing it out :D !)... ;)

Off-Topic / Re: Re: WHITE HOUSE
« on: 2014-10-16, 21:14:22 »
@ Romullus - dude have you even read what I have said ? In one of my posts I said that I pictured those things in a bit extreme way, but that was my point to a certain degree, to provoke a debate on this topic.

In other of my posts quoting Juraj i stated that the way people ask and the things about which they ask is my main point here.
Asking the exact HDRI (please perceive it in a broader perspective - super detailed questions, like the exact f-stop, camera ISO, HDRI multiplier) is like Juraj said - asking "how can i copy this or that".

I also stated that i don't mind giving directions. Have you also failed to see that ?

I believe that one should be given a fishing pole, not the fish itself, and all  about people (many people, it is not my intention to generalise) seem to care nowdays is not learning how to fish, but how to get the fish in the easiest of possible ways.

Knowing how to fish will let you do that wherewer there is water and deal with various species of fish, being given the fish itself all the time will make you hungry at some point, cuz when your client requests very specific fish for himslef you will have no clue how to aproach it and instead you will have to rely on others.

And dude, please, don't call me pathetic, at least try to see all shades of grey, not only black or white extremes like you are doing now.

And no one is forbidding you from making tutorials, the thing is that less and less people even bother to search for them and instead will ask you here to hold their hand and walk them through how you did certain things step by step, detail by detail - so you will probably just waste your time, but this none of my business.

You felt bit to black-and-white seeing of the issue and I don't think Londonvisuals meant that at all although it seems most took it that way.


Off-Topic / Re: Re: WHITE HOUSE
« on: 2014-10-16, 13:11:15 »
Asking people basically "How can I copy you?" is NOT POLITE. And that's basically all those "which exact HDRi, which exact tonemapping did you use,etc". So Londonvisuals critique was absolutely valid, although rude mannered and with strange conclusion with outsourcing....but the core idea was sound, and I feel the same and agree with it.

I knew i can count on You Juraj ;), You acctualy expressed my main poind better than I did myself.

This is quite young industry and I see lot of people basically don't know how to make the best of it without going overboard and misusing the good will and general friendly atmosphere that still exists. This will end though, and we will end up basically like photography industry, with every man for himself. Being inpolite and obtrusive will only accelerate this process. You can already see highly regarded people and studio, already ignoring the community with some even saying they hate it. So take that into account.

Not pretty sure if i get your point here as I should, BUT do you really feel like those lets name it as it should be named - copying people - commit to the community ?
I see that as they only log in, beg for scene, workflow details and leave, nothing more.
Personally I am not surprised about studios thinking this way. Everywhere you look all those super high end studios get bombarded with questions going too indepth into their workflow. Everyone, Blkhouse and others. They cant even publish a single image on FB without getting asked if they used this or that colormapping etc, so why even bother ?

As for me being rude - You are totaly right, I probably pushed it too far and i apoogise, but this is getting really annoying to see this questions everywhere.

Lastly thanks for your honesty Juraj, I really appreciate that you are as equally brave to tell the truth :)

Off-Topic / Re: Re: WHITE HOUSE
« on: 2014-10-16, 12:36:47 »
I see your point. I also stated  how I see things (maybe some people will at least take it into consideration) and you totaly convinced me that there is no point in starting this discussion again. Let others decide if they want to answer all those questions or not.

btw. I feel kinda like you were yelling @ me when you type in bold :D

Off-Topic / Re: Re: WHITE HOUSE
« on: 2014-10-16, 12:20:19 »
Never said I am top league, in fact I might just be mediocre as you said but on the other hand I don't spam questions left and right how others did certain things.

You yourself have the knowledge and you wrothe this engine right ? You still dont give it for free right ?
You can sleep well, because you offer the tool. You dont sell products produced by the tool, so selling as many coppies of the software as you can Is in your interest. To do that people have to know your software and it is also in your interest if they ask questions.

So sorry Ondra, You are not in the same pair of shoes as the rest of us ;)

And btw how i pictured things is a bit extreme and it won't happen in the next few years or so, but eventually it will I think.

Off-Topic / Re: Re: WHITE HOUSE
« on: 2014-10-16, 11:55:50 »
very amazing work..btw which HDRI you used with these images, is it peter Guthrie's. also did you increase contrast value greather than 1 in corona renderer under Exposure and color mapping tab.

How did you achieve such amazing contrast..can you show any raw render to us?


Out of curiosity - have you developed some sort of automated forum script to ask this question in every topic ?

Hi londonvisuals....why you joined this forum. i think you should not put such type of questions to others..If we like any person's work and ask those person's rendering workflows everytime, what is the problem in it and that doesn't mean we can not place questions on forum everytime.

It is every member's right to place questions on forum. Every person's rendering workflow is different so that's why we ask every time. and please it is my humble request to you please do not post such type of words for others.


I joined this forum because I wanted to and because I could. You reserve the right to ask about the workflow, I can ask about your asking - which is a little over the top to say the least imho, personaly I'd qualifiy it equally with all those "grate works! send me scene tnx" type requests (you even started almost the same :D).

He told you he used HDRI map, should he also include a direct link so you can buy it :D ?

I am simply super surprised because you have very pleasing works in your portfolio, yet you keep asking the same basic questions all the time just like you had no clue how to achieve certain looks, and I am pretty sure you do...
It is simply tiring to the same questions asked by the same people in every topic which contains some good images - and this one certainly does.

And sorry to say this man, but in generall most of the people asking those kind of questions and sending "send scene" requests are from your region of the world which is super crowded, they enhance their own skill with almost no effort on their own side (not saying you also do this), and because there are so many people there - they lower the global prices - so yeah, I have the damn right to ask those questions, because it directly affects me and my position in this industry, as it affects the position of many others who ask less, and work more on their own.

And yeah yeah,  I know i can't put everyone into the same basket but those are simply facts. Maybe one in a ten "send scene" requests comes from Europe/ America, rest comes from Asia, Africa.

I am confident that many people here would agree, but then others would start to threaten them with all the bad reputation they get only because they express their own opinion :D, I simply have the courage to step up, not sure if others do or are willing to get criticised only because they say what they think.

I recommned reading this topic

One of the users clearly states: "don't know the name of firms off my mind but the few corporate firms I've interned for (Gensler, KPF etc) used to outsource many of their visualisation work to China.  These Chinese firm did a good job for almost next to nothing"

-next to nothing-

So to sum up how I see it - gaining knowledge takes time. Time is money. I see a disturbing trend of giving real kowledge for free - ergo you people give someone your money, future money.
I dont mind giving DIRECTIONS, but people (in generall) please stop serving your knowledge on a silver dish to others.
Stop being Mother Teresa of CG and open your eyes.

I am curious what others think about this.....

Off-Topic / To share or not to share...
« on: 2014-10-16, 00:22:10 »
very amazing work..btw which HDRI you used with these images, is it peter Guthrie's. also did you increase contrast value greather than 1 in corona renderer under Exposure and color mapping tab.

How did you achieve such amazing contrast..can you show any raw render to us?


Out of curiosity - have you developed some sort of automated forum script to ask this question in every topic ?

Edited name of topic - romullus

Gallery / Re: Old project
« on: 2014-10-12, 16:45:16 »
You forgot to post the render of that giant spider on the ceiling she is looking at :D.
Good job on the images :).

News / Re: Pricing and release date announced
« on: 2014-10-10, 21:33:50 »
They just said they plan to do discounts for really active users who participated in the development proces and this is very nice, many of you guys really deserve them!

As for the licencing options and prices - SaaS seems the best option atm. Prices of every package you offer are very reasonable.

I just really hope you guys calculated it all well. Business is brutall and i hope you won't ever bacame the victim of it cuz you REALLY ARE the most user friendly software developing company i know of.

Gallery / Re: Log house
« on: 2014-10-10, 13:48:00 »
I really like the fog behind the house, it nicely enchances the pleasant sunny autumn mood.

The people on the other hand look clearly pasted into the image.

You could sample the color from the zdepth mask - right where the people meet the ground, make a selection of the people, and overpaint the sampled color into the zdepth mask using only the selection you made.
This way you alter the zdepth mask in a way like it would include the people in the render.

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