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With Forest pack and Corona Proxy causing load times to skyrocket, and no plan to fix the "getRenderMesh" issue; are you guys planning to add more features to Corona Scatter?

Hi, we would like to look into the Forest pack issues during v8 development, however at this point unfortunately I can't really promise how much we'll be able to fix.

And yes, we're also planning some improvements for the scatter in v8. Is there some specific feature that you would find useful in corona scatter?

Awesome, i guess it would be great if you guys add:

- Something like FP's Area Tab. using splines or objects to determine inclusion or exclusion areas.
- Boundary Checking
- Better Falloff Settings
- allow spline distribution in vertex positions.
- Item editor. to manually add a certain object on the surface or to move it around.
- material tab. with Colour tint settings.

I think if you have these in the next update there'll be less need to use forest pack.

Ink Visual:
I cannot wait to see Corona Scatter improvements too.
There were times when Corona Team was sneak peaking "Scatter Pro", although looks like the plans for this have died.

Here's what I wrote 2 years ago and it's still valid in terms of the features I'd love to have:
"If only it had control over the scale of each separate scattered object (within instanced objects menu), simple exclude include with option to mark the areas with a brush, and option to save your setups, it would be a perfect tool.
Using distance maps and advanced scattering techniques unfortunately also slows Corona Scatter down a lot."

Additional handy features would be:
-being able to easily select object in scene from CScatter Objects menu (i.e. right click->select object in scene)
-edge trimming

Hi guys, we would like to address some of the ideas you have mentioned right in v8, so there will be some progress w.r.t. Corona Scatter soon.

Stay tuned. :-) I would love to hear your feedback on it after it gets out. As for the 'Scatter Pro' initiative - it has not died - this is it.


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