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The Convert to Max geometry button extracts all scatter elements to single elements.
It would be great if we have an option (checkbox or button) to convert it direcly to single obejct.
Of course I am using now Attach to get all obejcts into one, but max Attach is very slow so it takes time..

Hi, please, do you mean that it should automatically group converted instances into a single group?

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I requested this before, without any luck.

@mike288 - I think OP means a single object. Take an example: if you have scattered 200.000 grass patches and you need to turn them into Max-objects (i.e. for exporting to fbx), them you now end up with 200.000 objects, and a chrashing Max when trying to attach them all together. Instead it would be nice if we had the option to convert all scattered grass patches to one object with one click.

If you have scattered 2 different base objects, then you should end up with 2 objects, and if you scattered 3 different base objects, then you should end up with 3 objects etc.

Exactly :)

Reported and added as a feature request.

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