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constant IPR crashes v9 (many times a day)

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the daily build v9 crashes sadly are still in v9 final, which is a bit of pain. i have several per day, sometimes every few minutes in IPR.

where was the point to send the mini dump and bug report? i prepared a zip fro your devs and hope they can isolate the source of this and fix


Edit: alone 5x in last hour on an arch project. most time when i copy an object or instance, or camera, and then move it (with IPR on).

Hi there, have you also tried the V10 daily build? Perhaps this may help?

there is nothing written on a fix for this,  do you think that had been solved? it seems lie an macos fix , i am on windows 10.

i cant really update now in middle of a project.
can i send you the crash dumps and bug reports?


--- Quote from: Stefan-L on 2022-11-09, 16:20:25 ---can i send you the crash dumps and bug reports?

--- End quote ---

Of course! It's the best way for us to help you better :)

I have had times when I get many crashes (posted about that) when I use the Interactive Rendering or Viewport. Like Stefan, usually when drag-copy an object. Then, for no reason, it will run super stable for days on end. Right now, I'm on v9 release and I did have a day or two when I had crashes (no dumps or crash file) at first, but mostly I've been very stable since then.

Maybe it's because I'm not on an M1 yet. Still running a 2017 iMac Pro and Monterey.


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