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The corona.dll plugin has crashed


Since april, I have found myself in a lot of trouble using corona with cinema.

I have CInema 4d r23 and i've used corona 8 and 9 with the daily builds.

My workstation specs are:

processor - AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X 24-Core Processor    4.10 GHz
gpu - nvidia geforce rtx 3070
ram - 64 gb
win 10 20h2

the problem is: working with corona has become impossible, everytime a render runs, even a simple one, at a certain point corona will crash (error: the corona.dll plugin has crashed) no matter what. I tried to change the corona version, tried cinema r22 r23 r25 r26, deleted windows updates back till feb '22, reinstalled windows, tried some vodoo, changed every possible parameter in the corona render setup following other pages in the forum that presented a similar problem, but the issue persists.

working with corona has become impossible on this workstation, it even costed a deadline the very first time it happened (wasn't ready for this so i let it render during the night, big mistake)...

I looked on every page/thread i could find but i haven't find a solution to this.

by comparison, on my laptop everything runs exceptionally slow, but fine.

I'm starting to think there's someting to do with the bios but sadly I'm very far from having even a basic knowledge on this kind of topics. If any more info is needed please let me know.

Thank you!

Minidumps are invaluable here, you can see how to find those at (and then send in via ticket, normally). Also vital to go with the minidump is a description of the steps you were following at the time of the crash. This will give the devs enough to start having a look into what was going on.

Thank you for the reply! Hope it can be solved...

If you sent in a minidump, quite possibly :) Odds are much lower if not though as not a lot to go on here without that extra details.


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