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Hey There!

I know the thread-title is not very clear, but i don't know what else to write there ;)
So I have a Scene which is crashing all the time when i hit render. Unfortunatly I can't send you the scene-file, but maybe you can take a look at the bug (attached) report to give me some clue what could probably be the cause for these crashes.

My System:

CPU: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X 24-Core
RAM: 64GB @3200MHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTC 2060
OS: Windows 10
Corona version: 7 hotfix 2
Cinema version: R25.117 Cinema 4D

I hope you can give me a hint, since i'm running out of Ideas.


Hi there, my first suggestion would be to upgrade to the latest version as this may resolve your issue. If it doesn't, we can happily assist you further :)

Also, a complete fresh install may also help, so if you can try that too that would be great.

I hope that helps!

Hey Bengamin,

thank you for your answer. And also sorry for the late reply ;)
Upgrade to Corona 8 is planned for mid september.
I'll keep you updated if that will solve my issue.


Haven't took a look at report, but here's a layman process to debug, isolate scene to fundamentally find a culprit:
Install CPU-Z and observe metrics (temps, attention to peaks, if coincide w/ crash)

Split scene in half. Render both. A half that fails is then halved&rendered again. Repeat, until there's no more crashing.
On "final crasher" focus on isolating single elements. Provide that "isolated part" w/ description of "steps to reproduce".

Hey all,

thank you for all your help. With corona 8 now, everything works fine.
Even our renderserver is way more stable now.

Again, thank you all for your great support!



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