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Corona Proxy and slow viewport

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I'm using corona 9 daily build, I've noted that if i load a corona proxy (empty) the viewport drastically slows down, if I turn off, in c4d settings, all the file assets path the viewport back to moving smoothly. This happens in an empty scene.
I'm using c4d R23, I also downloaded the trial of c4d s26 to check if it depends on c4d but the problem is the same.
I've done a video to show the problem.

No such case here, tho it happened occasionally in some previous versions for no apparent reason - never found a culprit & never reported...

Use of Proxy "kills" Interactive Render Region" - it just shows pitch black/renders nothing.

No effect here but I don't have any paths set - out of interest, are those paths on local or network drives?

The first path is a folder on local drive, not the same where c4d is installed but it is an ssd dedicated as a texture archive. If i turn on only this path the viewport is slow anyway.
I don't know how to solve this problem.

There is no solution? I've tried on another pc and the problem is the same, even if the folder is on the same local disk, the more the folder contains many files, the slower the viewport.


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