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Crash Boom Bang ... but hair?

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Okay, thanks. We'll take a look and see what we can find.
(Internal ID=829940454)

The thought that having the material library open that opens with "basic hair" visible could be responsible would be too far fetched, because not having touched any of the materials there it should not do any harm, right?
Just thinking out loud.


This scene (continued from the earlier one) reliably crashes the app as soon as I try to render it to the PV.
Now I wonder what do do to continue with the project ...

Now I know that enabling displacement in any of the materials triggers the crash. Gotta find out which one - tomorrow.
I will stop talking now ;)

Me again ;)

FWIW, it crashes in all kinds of situations - crashiest scene I had in months. Always is fixed with displacement disabled.
It does not crash in any case (not yet, as far as I tried ^^) with V7, only with the (latest) daily.


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