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Rotating bitmap via layer transform won't work


Hey guys, maybe I am doing something wrong, but it appears that the bitmap won't rotate in IR, while it does in C4D viewport. I don't want to use triplanar because it create seams in the texture. Any tips? Using c4d s24.111 / corona 8 (dec 16 2021). Thanks!

Hi, maybe this thread will help?

Thanks for the quick reply! It's just the same problem that I have, tried the same solution, rotating with layer and transform, got the same result: c4d preview rotates the bitmap but it won't when rendered. Apparently the problem wasn't solved.

Right, it's not solved - but it is reported to the team, with an example scene, confirmed that we can reproduce it, and next up is that we can take a look into solving it :)

Thanks, great!! Sorry for the misunderstanding. I was pretty sure I could rotate in previous versions.


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