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Volume Grid causing issues when making contact with objects

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I have a fairly odd issue here. I get the same in version 7 (latest) and I have tried in version 8 (latest daily build).

The volume Grid detracts from objects when it is overlapped with that object. I have an example uploaded.

Additionally, there is a visible box when the VDB is just in the "air" not touching anything.

I double checked the same VDB in Octane, no such issue.

I believe this to be bug for the Volume Loader, because when using volume materials on objects, this doesn't happen.

No global volume is being used. No volume for the PRG Sky model is being used.

OS is Win 10 (latest update).
Cinema 4D R23.008.


could you also supply the scene with assets used so that the investigation gets faster?



The scene is too large to upload here. Do you have another preferred way of me uploading it?

This is probably going to be a hard thing to resolve because it's intermitted. Sometimes it works fine, sometimes it doesn't.

Sorry for the multiple posts, but I think it may be an issue with the emission setting.

This is what I get when I enable emissions. It fills up the whole container for the volume Grid instead of just the vdb.


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