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CPU Usage drops down after pass 5


Hi everybody!

I'm experementing a problem after the last cinema 4d update:
the rendering starts normally, after pass 5 cpu usage drops down intermittently, this affects a lot rays actual number and in general render speed.
This does not happen if i disable adaptivity, with the consequence that I can't read the noise level.

Did someone had the same issue?

Thanks in advance

Adaptivity starts working after pass 5 and is then recalculated each 5 passes.
What you are observing may be actually expected and the important question here is:

If you render exactly the same image for exactly the same time (let's say 5 minutes):
- with adaptivity on
- with adaptivity off
Is the result with adaptivity on better looking (in terms of overall visual quality, noise, etc)?
If so, then there is nothing to worry about.

I found the issue.
It's actually dued to adaptivity, but, it happens when I use some kinds of materials, in this case it depends from a AO shader.
This sounds me crazy, that a corona shader can slow down the rendering so much!


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