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Daniel Mikolajčák:
R23 latest Mac

I still cannot reproduce this, does this happen for you with any Physical material or with the default one as well?

Also, could you send over a scene in which this "corrupted layered material" is?


I know this was a bug many versions ago, but has worked for quite a while. I just copied an object with a layered material (legacy) and pasted into a blank scene. Everything is fine. I then converted them all to Physical, copied and pasted into a new blank scene and gain, everything is fine.

Mac, R20, Corona 7 Hotfix 2.

This bug is still present. I can't copy a carpaint material from one file to another without loossing its settings.
iMac intel, C4D R25.113 OSX Monterey 12.1, CRv8 dailybuild.

Another problem is that these physically based materials like carpaint (layered materials ?) can not be imported to the new C4D asset browser. They loose their settings the same as copy paste into new files.

Its easy to see why. See attachments. The blue carpaint material copies well but the black one not at all. Hope this helps in solving the problem.

Another example, white cube with same black carpaint material comes from the asset browser as white.
But given the this material from the Corona material library its black. When this material is imported from the asset browser it looses its other layered materials.


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