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crash after rendering a lot of passes


I often have a crash after rendering for a long time, hours or days with passes exceeding 500 or more.
See attachment for a crashreport.
In this case the rendering was great but could not be saved. Wireless keyboard and mouse became unresponsive and had to connected them with wire to find my way back to the finder. Cinema4D kept rendering (activity monitor) but without any response for the menu's so I could not save the file and had to force quit.

Also, after any CR render C4D crashes at quitting the app. It does not matter much but still.

C4D 2024.4.0 and Corona render 11 hot fix 2
Mac Studio OSX 14.4.1
128Gb about 80Gb used at render.

Hello @frv,

Thank you for the log file, we will investigate this.

Hello again @frv,
I'm trying to reproduce this but haven't had luck so far.
I'm wondering if this happens with every single scene you're working on? Or does it happen with a specific scene project?
Please consider sharing with us a scene file that we can use to reproduce the reported issue.
To share the scene project, please include any necessary assets, zip your entire project and submit a new ticket to include the scene project.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Have an amazing day/evening.

This has been logged.
(Report ID=CC4D-750)

I haven't had this problem anymore. But I no longer work with the daily builds 12 since I can't open files with it.
I will let you know when it happens again. I do get a crash every time I quit C4D after rendering (CR11).


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