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Bug with Physical Materials and the Asset Browser

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I'm experiencing a strange bug with C4D 2024.2 and Corona 11. If I create a Physical Material and define a color, apply that to a default cube and add that cube into the Asset Browser, the material will turn grey after I load the asset out of the Asset Browser again. Does not happen with a Legacy Material. Somehow it felt like a Cinema bug and therefore I've created a bug ticket on their support site as well. But maybe it is something Corona specific? It is really really strange. We're on Windows 10. Attached is a simple test scene where I can reproduce the error.

having the same problem, already wrote with the support team, they have created a bug report
the problem exists if the material is assigned to a geometry and open it from the assets browser.
if you save only the material, it does not happen. it should definitely be checked.

Yep, it was me you were speaking with. We definitely have it reported on file. :)

Ah, nice to know! Already existing bug report gives me hope for a quick fix. Unfortunately that is some really nasty little bug.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to reproduce this here as they load back in as expected. Maybe you can try creating a null and copy all the materials to that as well when saving it with your asset? At least then if the materials on the object load white, you can copy back the originals from the null.


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