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Corona 10/11 - Corona Render Assets loading very slow

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Peter A.:

When opening scenes with Corona Renderer 10 Hotfix 1 in 3ds max 2023/2024, the scene is loading extremely slow with the message "Loading Corona assets". It takes several minutes to load relatively simple scene with few Corona materials. And it basically freezes 3ds max window.

This did not happen with version 9.

Anybody having the same issue?

Update: the same issue is with Corona 11 HotFix 1 under 3ds max 2024.2


Alexandre Besson:


Have recently had to re-open a scene from 2021 (old client project which was paused but now re-started), it has a number of Corona Proxy objects and the 'Loading Corona assets' phase of scene opening is a killer.


When loading a scene I have a "loading Corona assets" message that didn't appear previously with Corona 9, or if it appeared and I didn't notice it, it didn't last that long before disappearing (I'm on Corona 10 now, no Hotfix installed yet).



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