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[C4D] I need help! / Low Rays/s and general slowness
« on: 2024-05-16, 19:06:08 »

I have the feeling that Corona is becoming slower and slower with each release.

That's probably my fault since I like to put always more stuff in my scenes with all the bells and whistles. To be clear I keep things simple in the sense that I don't fake anything and go straight to the point (more or less). But I'm using all the features Corona has to offer (anisotropy, sss, displacement, no fake lighting etc. ) and it's really convenient but I'm beginning to feel a bit too much the price to pay for that simplicity.

What is your typical ray/s value in your interior design projects ?

I'm often around 2M, but it also often goes as low as 1,5M (on an OCd 5950X). Typical .c4d file size is around 1GB, it can be managed but IR is obviously very far from interactive at this stage, and even tests / regions renders are painful to deal with ( parsing times hellooooo). Copy pasting objects in a new scene to adjust a material look is second nature to me now.
For final rendering, from 2h for the best case scenario to 7h/8h sometimes, with an average time of 4h at 4K - 4/5% noise - 100 passes.

Not a rant, I know my projects are heavy and that performances decreases according to scene complexity but this slowness is distracting me more and more from the creative side of my work and I'm getting tired of it. I guess using Blender on the side for the modeling doesn't help since Cycles is very responsive and the comparison hurts (but I'm not getting into that debate, it has its own issues too !).

Did you ever feel that way about your workflow, your projects? If so how do you manage it, do you have any workaround? Should I upgrade my hardware ?

I already know about this article and this topic, but it hasn't changed much.

[C4D] Bug Reporting / White Balance value and Takes
« on: 2024-05-13, 10:22:04 »

I have random issues with the White Balance parameter when I'm using takes. It's not something new but since it's random, I've always avoided to report it. Now I have 15 golden renders with f***** up colors that I'll have to fix in post.

I'm working on a project right now so I can't do a proper bug report but as you can see on the current rendering, every WB value in the scene is 4000K, and yet the value used by Corona is 6500K. It's the only setting that is wrong and doesn't follow the Camera Tag settings.

I've checked every image before rendering the takes, fixing incorrect WB values. Yet when the final rendering starts, the WB is using the default value, even if a custom value is used in the scene and the override visible in the Takes Manager. I guess it's not a C4D issue since the other settings work as expected.

Also the WB parameter is displayed like this in the Takes Manager after it's overridden in the Camera Tag. It doesn't feel right :

Cinema 4D 2024.4.0 + Corona 11HF2

[C4D] Bug Reporting / XRefs Generator and IR
« on: 2024-04-16, 12:24:37 »

I'm using some XRefs in my scene and the following message pops up even when the XRefs aren't loaded (I only enable them for the final render).

Would it be possible to take the load state in account ? Or better, could the generator mode be supported in IR ?

Thanks !


The title is a bit long but really describe the issue :

Everytime I'm trying to enter a value between -1.0 and 0.0 the value is reset to 0. And it's not only visual since the value is really 0, confirmed it by dragging the setting to the console.

Has someone else encountered the same issue ?

C4D 2024.3.2 / Latest Corona 12 dailybuild / Win 10
(it was happening on 11H1 / 2024.2.0 too)


It seems that using the "Save selected objects as..." command located in Object Manager > File is saving materials incorrectly: in the saved scene their custom values are restored to the default ones. I've tested the command with two other render engines and it does not happen.

Can you confirm the issue ?


[C4D] Bug Reporting / Corona 11 VFB issues on macOS
« on: 2024-03-10, 20:00:22 »
Hi all,

I'm encountering a few issues on the macOS version of Corona, all related to the VFB. I'm using Corona 11h1 on Cinema 4D 2024.2.0 on macOS 14.2.1, with a Macbook Pro M1.

- I can't zoom in/out with the trackpad
- I can zoom out with the shortcut "Cmd -" but can't zoom in with the "Cmd +" shortcut.

- The horizontal scrolling direction is inverted compared to what is happening in macOS. The vertical scrolling direction is right though.

History Tab
- I can't modify the text of the note under the stored images


Hi everyone,

I've added the support for our beloved render engine to Quixel Bridge.

Details are on my Gumroad page, let me know if you have questions but it should be pretty straightforward, it just works.

Quixel Bridge Importer for Corona Renderer (C4D) on Gumroad

Features in v0.3
- complete Megascans maps support including even metalness, translucency, transmission, fuzziness
- combo channel map support ( AO+Albedo, Normal + Bump )
- decals support, loaded as Corona Decal
- exact displacement scale, acquired from the asset's metadata
- new settings added for greater control over the material creation process and to improve displacement management

[Scatter] Cinema 4D - Bug Reporting / Vertex Map
« on: 2024-02-20, 15:11:31 »
Hey guys,

Not sure if it is something only on my side, but does the Vertex Map supposed to work in the Scatter Distribution channel ?



When IR is running, changing the Max Limit value in the Config tab is making instances disappearing from the rendered image.

EDIT 1: In fact it seems that altering any value during IR is making instances disappear ( tried with Count and Per Square values )

EDIT 2 : OK, I've found the culprit. This is happening only when the instanced objects are Corona Proxies. The thing is that I was using a preset from the Cosmos Library, so it's kind of the default behavior, not the best first impression. IR works fine when they're converted to regular mesh objects.

Hey guys,

New script !

Batch Load HDRIs
Simple but effective, it allows you to load several HDRI at once, with some control over the way its done.
It can be useful to quickly iterate during the look development and dust off that "HDRI" folder stuffed from the last Black Friday deals.

Files are attached, docs are here, demos below !

Enjoy !

Default Mode

With the select shader

It can load the files as Corona Light materials

Hey guys,

Here are some custom scripts for you, just in time for Christmas !

- C4D Bitmap to Corona Bitmap
- Corona Bitmap to C4D Bitmap
- Update normals filtering
- Sort Corona Materials by Type
- Select Corona Materials by Type

I wrote them a quite some time ago but with the perspective of releasing more scripts next year, I've improved them in many ways and while they're not perfect (details here), I hope they will be useful to some of you.

Read the docs

Convert Bitmaps Scripts

Pretty self explanatory, convert all the bitmaps shaders in the material in one way or another ( C4D Bitmap >< Corona Bitmap )

Update Normals Filtering

Change the normals filtering method to Roughness Modulation over the selected materials.
Note that Roughness modulation comes with some limitations, mainly when mixing Corona shaders with Cinema ones. More info here :

Sort Corona Materials by Type

Sort all Corona Materials in the scene by type using dedicated layers

Select Corona Materials by Type

Select all the Corona Materials of the chosen type

2024.01.17 : Original scripts updated, two new scripts

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Filter Shader and bump
« on: 2023-12-15, 11:59:26 »

Another one related to bump channel, I don't know if it has already been reported :

Doesn't work in IR and in final render.

Note that I'm using the Filter and not Corona Color Correct because the latter is missing few convenient settings ( gamma, brighness/lightness, working contrast )

EDIT : Colorizer doesn't work too. Will the bump channel will be fixed one day ?

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Corona Tile Map - Gap bump
« on: 2023-12-15, 11:14:29 »

I can't get a bump effect on the gaps with the Corona Tile Map, in IR and final render. Is it supported ?

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Anisotropy orientation UVW override
« on: 2023-12-04, 11:06:56 »
Hello again,

Just checked on the v11, the UVW channel override for anisotropy orientation also isn't working, I don't know if it was already been reported.

Hi guys,

Sorry if that was already asked but I haven't found any topic regarding this subject. Would it be possible to have a setting to choose the type of the bitmap shader created when performing a dragndrop in the Node Editor ?

Something like this :


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