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Improve Converting Materials


Currently, converting materials doesnt properly change values to corona materials.

Example : reflection channels from standard render is converted to a volumetric channel when convert.

ALSO! .MTL support would be amazing!@!!@!@ but thats probably a c4d problem not corona


we are aware of the many limitations of corona converter and while it will not probably fit in V7 release, we are planning to look into this one as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience,

Can you possibly explain why it currently cant convert even a standard physical material to a corona material?

Rant -
Over the years this is single handedly the most important issue I've seen everybody deal with. C4d users download models off various sites but have always had to manually add the materials and we are taunted by a .mtl file that we never get to use. I would guess that if Corona released a plug in or added the ability to import with .mtl properly it would lower my work flow time by multiple hours. I know its a difficult issue to tackle but from where i stand it is the greatest issue that Corona (and c4d as a whole) has and I'm sure others would agree.

Side Rant -
 There was ONE TIME (in my 5 years of experience) I downloaded a c4d model that was exported out of corona and it worked perfectly! Opened with the materials correctly placed and even had maps on them! But since then I have never seen this happen again. Is there a c4d corona specific website that has models and textures?; cause I've never found anything like that. If not, why isnt there?

 I got a little off topic here but didnt think this required another thread.

The sites we know of that feature Corona-ready content are listed on our website at - hope something there proves helpful!

I've been through the list you guys provide but its simply not enough. But this isnt your guys issue. its more a lack of community size for c4d corona. Theres just not enough of us it seems.


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