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Hey, I'm new here and to Corona so my apologies if this has been covered elsewhere or I'm just missing something, but...

- Would it be possible to allow the IR window to be docked into the interface like other windows and pallets? I spend most of my time moving the IR window all over my screen to get it out of the way while I make adjustments and generally work on the scene?

- Allow the ability to show Icons & Text, just Icons, or just Text in the IR window menu to save space.

- Allow the IR window to be resized smaller, which relates to my first suggestion. If I could resize it smaller to have it out of the way while I work that would be great.

- Right now if the IR window is highlighted I can't interact with the C4D app, such as Save or switch tools or anything else. I have to click on the C4D interface to do anything with C4D. It's as if the IR window is a completely separate app from C4D. Could the IR window be better integrated into the C4D interface so that they operate as one?


Have you played "Tutorial: Viewport Interactive Rendering in Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D"?
@ Helpdesk: How to use Interactive Viewport Rendering in Cinema 4D

Thanks for the video. That is close, but after playing around with it it doesn't quite offer the same experience or convenience. If I open a new view panel and try to use that as an IR window I don't have access to all of the post effects for example. Also, if I add a new camera and switch to it the render window doesn't switch to the new camera. I have to manually go to the drop down menu and select the new camera each time.

It basically seems like a crude work around for having an actual integrated IR window such as is found in Octane or Redshift, which is what I'm looking for.

IDK, what you describe as flawed, works fine on my side...

... or what am I missing?

Note, when creating a new Camera, it gets a New "fresh" Tag! To keep settings, copy/paste old one.

Sorry, my workflow is a bit different. I don't use the IR in the editor viewport window. I do all of my work with the scene there in wireframe or other simple render views and use the IR window off to the side strictly for look dev. I don't find working with a scene directly in full render view to be very helpful.

So, as I mentioned, like Octane or Redshift, it would be good to be able to dock the IR window into the C4D interface to place where I want and at a size I want.


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