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TurbulenceFD Support

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That would be great!

since i don't think that this will make it into corona for c4d in the near future, are there any workarounds to make this work? the physical renderer is really, really slow...

Yes, a support for turnulence fd would be really great.

I render my files with the Advanced renderer with multipasses and compose my corona rendererd scene with the Turbulence render in after effects. Most time the quality of the advanced renderer is good enough. And the physikal renderer really takes a long time most often. 

Nejc Kilar:
+1 would be great to have :)

That said, OpenVDB is apparently slated for v7 so at the very worst you can export an OVDB file from TurbulenceFD and then import it to render it with Corona.

and... Volume Grid is good, but would also like to have support for different particles (TurbulenceFD, X-Particles), because it is not clear what is meant here.



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