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VFB with Cryptomatte and History


Hi  there, do u have any plans soon to redesign your VFB? there is a card in the RoadMap, but it has been there since forever :)

If you could integer Cryptomatte masks directly, like Vray does, this would be awesome, I recall that in some release candidate you have include Cryptomatte Material, but in the final release it was missing, this mask is the most useful, also a possibility to get materials and focus distance just by picking it would be awesome.

About Image history, this is something that i use alot in Vray, comparing the images even when resolution is not the same, open the file and use projects paths and also load layers, right now the history deletes images while closing 3ds max :( and cannot use any single image if the resolution change even a single px.

Thanks for all your hardwork.

Hi there,

1 request per thread plz ;)

- "redesign the VFB" - yes, we are planning to do this - please see the note at

- "integer Cryptomatte masks directly" - can you explain what exactly you mean by that? what is the typical use case?

-  "in some release candidate you have include Cryptomatte Material, but in the final release it was missing, this mask is the most useful" - what exactly do you mean by Cryptomatte Material?

- comparing images with different resolutions - we have this logged as a feature request

Hello Maru, Thanks for answering and sorry for the multiple requests

Heres an animation about cryptomatte masks inside the VFB from Vray, hope this gives an example about what i mean.

Here you can make some adjustments even while rendering without using Photoshop.

In this case using Cryptomatte - Material type (you can have also use name, layer, hierarchy and user nodes as well) you can see the name of the material selected. In Vray you can select Ids or MultiMattes, but for me Cryptomattes are the best choice.

as I said, i recall that in a release candidate from Corona 8 i think, it was introduced Material type Cryptomatte, but in the final release it was missing, maibe due some errors? I would be useful to have it.

Im glad to read that the other requests had been logged.


We have logged your feature request for dynamic selection and adjustment of materials using Cryptomatte Mask in the VFB. If there are any updates on this, we will let you know.

Regarding the Cryptomatte ID type "Material" (Ability to generate Cryptomatte Mask based on Materials), we would like to clarify that this is already logged as a feature request.

Please note that there is no such thing as a Cryptomatte Material(Doesn't Exist) like the Corona PhysicalMtl(Exist).

Thank you for your understanding.

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