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Map / Material Select handled by User property

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Yes, I was looking for such an option recently and the Select Map/Mat would really be a good candidate for this. Also for CoronaMultimap.

I would like to get some additional information on this if possible. I wanted to report it for our devs to review, but I am missing some solid arguments.

I created a dummy scene with two objects.
Object 1 has a user property "material = WOOD"
Object 2 has a user property "material = STONE"

The idea is to use the Corona Select Map/Material or Corona MultiMap in combination with the user properties to decide which object gets which material.

Is this what you would like to have, or am I missing the point?

You mentioned "so useful", "freedom to switch", and "so much flexibility", but this is not enough for me to create a convincing use case.

In my example, you could as well:
- just apply material 1 to object 1 and material 2 to object 2
- use multimap with material ID or object gbuffer ID mode to decide which object get what material properties

Please note that I am not saying that this does not make sense! I am sure it does, but I need to understand better in what specific cases it would be useful, so that I can pass this information to our devs.

For example: is this useful for rendering multiple variants of a specific object? (e.g. multiple renders of a table made of different materials)

Thanks in advance!

Hej Marcin,

I will get back to you ASAP. I have a deadline to take care of first though.


I get your point, about just applying the actual material to the object. BUT it's all about flexibility and encapsulation.

IF poosible my 3D assets has only one MultisubMaterial applied. That makes things easy to manage. One of the submaterials can then be a switable material, maybe containing multiple options, which would be cool to be able to reach and switch from the object itself  - encapsulation and flexibility.

Often I make lamps with light materials instead of Coronalights. So to be able to switch the lamp On and OFF, I switch between a map in a SelectMap that is attached as a mask to a layered material that wraps a light material over fx. a lightbulbs glass. Using the UserProperty map, it makes the switching ON and OFF on instances of the same lamp without having to go into the material editor and switch a material.

So being able to switch materials on an instances without the need to go into a potential comnplicated shader tree and swap materials is for me a good reason to add this functionality.

Timeride use the User property to switch between facade colors  - cool. I just think that being able to switch between either maps or materials in the scene, without going into the shader tree, could be so useful.

Maybe it should actually be an integrated part in the SelectMap / SelectMaterial shaders.

In general I would like some changes to the SelectMaps / SelectMaterial.
It would be cool if it in the UI worked more than the MultiSubMaterial.
With this i mean, that you can see either the assigned material name or a designated label.

That would make the selection much easier.

I hope I have made my reasons more clear now. :)

You can do that with just a Controller.
I do it all the time for my HDRs or everything that has a SelectMap or SelectMaterial. With a single click I move from one to another.

If the images doesnt load.. check this link:


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