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Map / Material Select handled by User property

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It would be SO useful if you could handle more things by User Property   - one of the top items on my list is the switch between maps or materials using Corona Map Select  or Corona Materials Select , but it could also be fx. Corona Mix Map, or maybe even Multimap.

So you would like to have a single Corona Select Map with multiple maps connected to it and distribute those maps depending on the user property assigned to specific scene object?
For example an object with "brick" user property would get a brick texture, an object with "wood" property would get a wood texture, etc.

Is that right?

If so, I think you can already achieve something similar, for example, with the Object GBuffer ID.
Set different GBuffer IDs for different objects. Then assign different maps through Corona MultiMap in the Object GBuffer ID mode.

It would be more tricky with materials though.

hmmm  well, I want just to be able to select any of the index numbers in a select map/material  - so I have the freedom to switch between any of the material setups beneath that. Could be anything really

So having a user property with value "2" would select material with index number 2?

For instance, yes - I think it would give so much flexibility in scenes and less complicated material setups


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