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weird light pixels

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Hi Everyone, I need some urgent help with a project due to monday morning.

I have colorful light pixels that are enhanced with bloom/glare, on places they shouldn't be.
I include some printscreens. I can't put my finger on the cause...
the pixels are also always different and occur on both R25 and 2023 with Corona 9

I had the same kind of error on a project a couple days ago, where it was extreme on images located to the entrance, but not in other spaces.
I couldn't fid it there neither so I had to use photoshop, but this project has many renderings and a 360VR tour :-/

any tips are much appreciated!


These are NANs, error values in rendering algorithm that can be triggered by various reasons. Usually that's not something that user can fix on it's own and it's always best to report such issue to the support and provide the scene with reproducible bug, so that they could take a look at it and pass the issue to the devs to fix the code.

Meanwhile, you can try to disable bloom and glare effect and/or turn off denoising and see if the issue would go away, or at least turn to be less visible.

Hi Romullus,
Thanks you for your response
I worked 'till 6 am this morning but I did manage to find the error that was causing it.

I started by disabling part-by-part in my (very large) scene to localize the issue. Of course it was at the end of my search and was apparently caused by a series of oak trees that I have been using for years, without errors that is.
I checked the other scene from earlier this week (with the same errors) and it had the same trees in it... bingo.

Finally I found the mask-textures for the leaves were not RGB JPGs, but "indexed Color" when I opened them in Photoshop. After changing those to RGB mode in photoshop and reloading the textures, the NANs were gone...

So if anyone has these kind of NANs, I suggest checking textures for non-RGB mode.

Interesting. Good to know.

Also, when I've done this type of troubleshooting, I start by disabling half of the objects. Then a simple logic process.

Problem gone ---> Issue is in the OTHER half of objects. Now disable half of THAT group. Repeat until you isolate. It's much faster since you can eliminate half of everything at a time.

Update: I had the same problem again yesterday on an other project where I used Laubwerk Trees. The mask texture for the leaves were greyscale bitmaps this time, so I converted them all on my disc to RGB and the problem dissapeared.
This is clearly a v9 issue since I never had this in v8 or earlier versions


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