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2020-01-09, 17:26:16


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hello! after cinerender it is difficult to work with layers in the corona. For alpha mix - one shader, for operator - another, for opacity mix - third.
That if i want to mix 3 picture? one is basic texture, the dust in lighter mixer for 20% and another dirt in multiply mixer for a little. In corona i should to use huge complex construction.

In cinerender it realized like in photoshop: a lot of layers in one list with different opacity and mix mode. And we can replace it, and move in folders, and add alpha-mask

Look at this, maybe you will think about it?

same in photoshop:

2020-01-11, 16:16:13
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Hello and thank you for your suggestion. As you can see we have basic layers implementation now.
The materials editor (and the material library) are big topics and we plan to rework this part of our plugin and definitely bring a better user experience.