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IES scale solution


Due to this post:,13397.0.html

probably the problem here is 3ds Max and Vray already solved it like this:

- when on (the default), this option aligns the VRayLight, VRaySun, VRaySky and VRayPhysicalCamera to the photometric units used by 3ds Max and its photometric lights. When this is off, these plugins operate in the internal V-Ray photometric space, like in older versions of V-Ray. Keeping this option on ensures that a VRayLight with a given power will match a 3ds Max photometric light with the same power.

Maybe we should add a similar option? Please? Please? Please?


Dionysios -

Mmm... I did some test...

In my opinion (but I'm sure that I wrong something ehehe) the CoronaIES has some problem with the correct value.
In VRay everything is ok.
In attachment the .max scene (VRay and Corona)

Thanks for testing!!!

This is what I am talking about for days now.


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