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IR will probably be improved at some point anyway, but I just wanted to share some idea with you, maybe it could evolve into something better with the help of other Coronauts.

So the idea is to have a floating overlay menu when hovering mouse cursor over the IR window. The menu would remain hidden, so it would not obstruct the image. Some ideas for buttons:
-force refresh
-zoom in/out
-custom samples multiplier
-pass limit toggle
-render elements

What do you think?

Hi Maru. I assume you're talking about IR in a viewport. I've wanted something like this for ages, and could easily settle for a little less than you are listing. My priority would be:

- force refresh/recalculate displacement
- pause/continue
- zoom in/out

so +1000 for this :)

PROH's list sounds like the ones I would find most beneficial (if we had to put them in order of priority).

+1 for the zoom feature. I quite like the the current implementation of the multiple regions.

- region/blow-up control directly in IR viewport
- pause/resume

Just these two would save so much time and hassle for us.


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