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Exclude - Include object list on Corona Camera

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Hi All!

In a render that I´m doing, I hav 2 cams and in one cam I will render any objects (trees) and on other view I will render without this objects (trees)

Then I´m think about exclude include list on a corona camera created (yes, develop a corona camera just for this).

then with the internal cam of max is not possible do this.

What you think about this?

Best Regards.


Hej Tiago4D,

have you tried scene states in MAX?
It works very easy and does exactly what you describe.

I often use it, while rendering a batch.

best regards

have you tried this?,11672.0.html

Quick´n dirty version if it´s about stills:

You could just use different frames for the shots (or animate one camera) and animate the objects out of the camera frustum (or under some groundplane for example if present).

Good Luck

This is already implemented in the Corona Camera.


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