Author Topic: Sampling Focus with Render Region  (Read 2059 times)

2017-05-16, 10:54:55


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I wonder why my regions only clear out at the edges.
Having a look at the sampling focus you can see,
it behaves somehow strange.
(See the attached images).

It also happens, if the adaptivity kicked in for the whole image.

Maybe this is a bug or am I doing / expecting something wrong?

thank you & best regards

2017-05-25, 16:17:01
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Adaptivity/sampling works mostly by comparing neighbouring pixels, and in this case you have very high contrast between the region border and what is outside of it. So more samples are used to clean that area up. It's currently expected, however it does not mean that it cannot be improved, as basically right now a lot of samples is used unnecessarily.
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2017-05-25, 16:57:37
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we have fix for this already in review
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