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Real World Map Size

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we use it the way that 50% scale is exact the size you set in the coordinates of the texture tag, this works for cubic flat etc best.
(in freely cre3ated UV's there is no way to guess the size sadly, there you need to measure)

so if you have 100cm in the texture tag coordinates for x,y,z, and 50% UV scale setting(length U and V), then your texture is exact 100x100xcm in size.

if you set UV length scale to 100% the texture is 200cm in size,
if you set it to 200% the texture is 400x400cm,
and so on.

this works pretty well overall for all non UV mappings at least

James Vella:
Oh I think I get it, looks like you can inherit from the parent node the settings. Is this about right Stefan-L? (Not specific to scale/measurements, just the technique to create new objects and inherit the scale of the parent texture)

Thanks both of you!

Stefan - this is awesome. Only thing I don't understand is why you have to set the UV length to 50%?

i think this is as maxons default cube is set to 200cm and they made 100% to fit that cube.

so to have 100cm you need 50% UV lenght scale. not super logic but maxon made it that way;)


Would the same apply if working in .ft? Revit models are in ft, so if I change the scale of any empty project to FT before I import the model instead of 100cm I'll get 3048cm for a material.


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