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--- Quote from: Oxocan London on 2023-05-05, 13:29:26 ---I understand regarding issues, hence I thought maybe there is a little quick fix I was not aware of.

--- End quote ---

As it's happened before, this was generally the workaround. But if it happens to every version you use it may be something else. ie: macOS related. In any case, we will look into it.

I also wanted to ask, what happens if you use a smaller preview size such as 1024x1024? Or if you pop out the preview window and manually scale it in size? Is it still black for you? Finally, regardless of the preview, do the material render as expected?

Oxocan London:
It's still black as are the material previews....

Are these textures still linked? Can you check it for me?

Oxocan London:
For some reason mine are blank!


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