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Oxocan London:
I am sure someone already raised this issue in the past, but here it is once small.

When I use a Chaos Material, I sometimes make small adjustments to it and wish to save it for future use so that I do not have to always make the same changes. However, for some reason I cannot see the material preview as it appears black in my browser. I attached an image that shows this.

Is there a fix for this?

Thank you.


Hi there,

Are you using macOS at all? ;) I tried here on a Windows PC and all was fine. If so, it might be related to the Corona bitmap material. If that's what it is, can you please try replacing it with a C4D bitmap shader to see if it helps?

Oxocan London:

Yes, I am on a Mac. Replacing the authentic Corona Bitmap with a C4D bitmap is not the solution. I think that Corona materials should be able to generate its own material previews without having to replace them with other formats.

Of course, but there were some issue with it and previews in the past, hence why I asked. Are you able to share the scene with us? Also, what build of Corona do you have running? Thx!

Oxocan London:
Thank you for your prompt reply. I understand regarding issues, hence I thought maybe there is a little quick fix I was not aware of. I do not have a specific scene that I should share as this is a software issue and no matter what chaos material I play with, they all have this preview issue.

As to the version of Corona, I am using the latest daily build released at the start of April, (Daily Build 2023-04-03)


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